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About MicroKOR

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  «MicroKOR» Ltd. since 1997 specializes in the development of non-standard electronic devices to order.

  We provide a full cycle of creating your product from a technical task to production of an experimental lot.

  Our Competitive Advantages:

• specialists with many years of experience;

• solving Your problems in a short time;

• An adequate work cost;

• a large amount of work and a range of problems already solved.

  Full cycle of electronic devices development:

• preparation of the technical assignment;

• development of methods for product acceptance and inspection;

• development of design documentation;

• development of embedded and auxiliary software;

• creation of a prototype or pilot lot of the product;

• certification of products;

• warranty provision and post-warranty support of products.

  We successfully solved the tasks of creating:

• systems for collecting and processing information, analogue signal recorders;

• precision multi-digit recording units and devices;

• complex autonomous devices with low power consumption;

• safe devices and software with integrated self-diagnosis systems;

• real-time systems;

• distributed systems based on Ethernet, CAN and RS interfaces;

• devices based on the most modern element base and technologies: Wi-Fi, Iridium, GPS, RF, ADC, DAC, DSP, CPLD, SPI, I2C, RTC, SDIO, USB, NAND, SD, eMMC, LCD, etc;

Phone number/fax:(812) 327-07-98
Web page:www.microkor.ru
For correspondence:Russia, 192102,   Saint-Petersburg, 22 Bucharestskaya st., building 2-D, «MicroKOR» Ltd

«Мастерская Евгения Смирнова»

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